Sipdroid - Insuffiecient space


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Dec 15, 2010
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So I had sipdroid working at one time. I was tryin gto do some VOIP calling and noticed it wasn't working right. After some playing around, my sipdroid app is hosed. I went to and downloaded their app again and stuck that on my sd card.

I can take the sipdroid icon and move it to uninstall. But when I try to install the app from, I get an message first saying that it will be overwriting a current version. But I just uninstalled it or it said it was.

When I click okay to overwrite, it acts like it is going to install, but then says for me to free up space b/c I have insufficient space. hogwash... I have over 10 gigs free.

I read about this where one guy took and wiped his phone, installed a new ROM and it worked. I don't want to start over. Is there some way I can delete something that will allow me to reinstall?

I did use Bootstrap last night and did a wipe data and factor reset. I then installed a backup from a week ago. Same thing. I wiped the cache and installed a restore from yesterday prior to doing the earlier restore. Same conditions.

I'm rooted, running the simply stunning ROM with the MAC OS theme. If there is another app that will work the same way as sipdroid, I'd try that before starting over.