"silverlight" in the Droid?


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Nov 15, 2009
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I need to load "Silverlight" in order to use a web application. I don't think it's set-up for Droid's operating system but does anyone else know if it will work?
Currently there is no Silverlight capability on the Android platform.

Last year there were talks about Silverlight on Android, but nothing has come to fruition since then.

Trust me, if Flash or Silverlight does come to Android you will definitely know about it.
The Silverlight for Linux is a Mono project called Moonlight. It lags a bit behind the Windows release, but apparently Microsoft is actually helping to some extent with the project.
Flash is coming - when is a good guess. Poss early 2010.

Silverlight......I dont think MS is going to port to a OS that IMHO is killing Windows Mobile....at least not anytime soon.