Sideways pictures when uploading to Facebook?


Dec 15, 2009
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I was trying to upload a picture to Facebook and it keeps uploading sideways. I tried rotating it its still sideways. when I send people a mom's, it sends to them sideways too. how in the hell do I change the way its sent and uploaded?
If you are taking them in portrait, change to landscape or visa versa.
I eneded up with several "sideways" videos that way. LOL
thanks. lol. does the settings apply to videos and pictures or just whichever its set to?
Seems to be both, but it may depend on the app you are using. Experiment and see what works. I had issues with the video uploaded to Qik at Xmas. You have to lay on your side to watch them LOL
obviously you cant turn the camera into portrait mode for videos. when have you ever seen a vertical video. But this should work just fine for photos. this is a critical error on the part of the OS to not share the photos in the correct orientation. iPhones do it without any problem. the photos show it fine in gallery but if you try to share it with any other app they turn into landscape. it's ridiculous that we would need to take only landscape oriented photos if we want to share them.
You can always just rotate it in the gallery and re-upload it. I had to do the same thing. When you re-upload it it will correct the image in your live feed on Facebook.
when I first got my droid, I took a video of my grandson in the pool. Since I wasnt familiar with the droid I just held it vertical in my hand as I filmed. The video came out fine and plays vertically. Ever since then every video I take is in landscape now. I hafta make sure I hold the phone sideways now. I'm wondering why it changed. I thought that maybe I changed some setting it or something.
Speaking of facebook, if you upload it and it turns sideways, for pictures you can adjust them on facebook itself. You can turn your pics rotating wise.
I realized that when I said "my grandsons video played in the correct orientation" I was just viewing it on the droid. I found out that I need to hold the droid horizontal for pictures and video for them to come out in the correct orientation.
It is too much work...I should be able to load with no problems like the iphone. They need to fix this. Too many extra steps...thats why I don't use it to upload to facebook anymore. The inconvienence takes the fun out.
My uploads seem fine. When I take a picture in the vertical position and then upload holding the camera in the vertical position (portrait) it appears on facebook in the vertical position. Like wise, if I take a picture in the horizontal position and then upload still holding the phone in the horizontal position it appears in facebook in horizontal (landscape) . . . I'm serious. And I use facebook as my quick upload choice.
I have the same issue....anyone have ideas??

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Same here.....its weird

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Crop the photo before uploading it to will then be ok. Must be a glitch on motto droid.

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