Several button problems.


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Jul 8, 2010
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I'm guessing this was somehow caused by me silencing my phone in my pocket and then pressing other buttons throughout the day. I came home and there was a menu on the screen that said "select application". I pushed the home button and it went away, then immediately came back. After that, I pressed the home button again and it did nothing except the haptic feedback. Now the home button, search button, and camera buttons don't do anything. The camera button will take a picture if the camera app is already running. The search button does the haptic feedback, but brings up nothing, although after a long-press it shows voice search running in my task manager. Also, when the screen turns off it can be turned back on by the camera button, and it won't lock no matter how long I leave the screen off.

Edit: Also, when plugged into my dock, the default app (Better Alarm Clock Pro) does not automatically start like it's supposed to. It doesn't even show the dock icon in my notification tray, as if it's not actually docked... when I actually start Better Alarm Clock Pro, I can use my home button to get back to my home screen there.. but that's the only app I've found that it works with.

I really don't want to reset my phone... any suggestions? Sorry this was so long, but I wanted to be as precise as possible.
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