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Aug 5, 2010
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hey, could someone help? in the marketplace i downloaded a step brothers movie soundboard, and to set something as a default notification or ringtone, you are supposed to hold down the button until it pops up and set it. well, i did that, and when i get out of the program its still my old ringtone and notifications. does anyone have any insight?? thanks!!
Here is how I saved ringtones and notifiers on my incredible. Plug the phone into the computer and open it as disk drive. Create a folder called media, then create a subfolder named audio. then create 3 subfolders in the audio folder named alarms, ringtones, and notifications. Save the music/ringtones onto your computer. Then drag and drop them into the proper folder ie alarm,notifier, ringtone. The now will show up and can be used as you would any other sound file. hope this helps good luck

Which drive to you put files on ? Phone or SD card ? My computer shows both as drives E and F.

Thanks for the tip. Works great.:)
Just wanted to add one notification sound but set up your way for future use.
I am new to this forum and the droid phones... Quick question, where can I go to DL ringtones/sounds? I used to have a BB and downloaded some notifications and ringtones from one of their forums (crackberry) and it would get directly emailed or texted to my phone. Thanks!

You can find some for free but I've found most of the time (98%) they want to sell you ringtones when they say FREE. You can make your own by useing the music app. It has a ringtone trimmer built in. I had trouble with ones I made dissapearing but found if I moved them from the Trimmer sub folder to the ringtone folder they stayed put. Hope this helps.