Seidoio innocell 3500 help


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Jul 6, 2010
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hello droid forums, i've been considering buying an extended battery for my eris but wanted to get some questions answered on it before i purchase it. any help i would be thankful for

First off how do you like it? how much of an increase do you see in your battery life and was it worth the purchase?

secondly, I'm curious as to whether its the type of battery you should be topping of with a charge or should it be drained and get a full charge so the durability doesnt go down

next, i noticed that the battery isnt as easy to remove as some flip phones where you can take the back off and slip the battery in and out. would the verizon store be able to install this battery if i brought it to them or is it simpler than im making it out to be

Lastly, can you recomend a charger? currently im using the one the phone came with and its starting to tear in certain places. im wondering if theres a stronger charger since it would take longer to charge a larger battery.

Once again im grateful for any help that anyone can offer =)
hahah there is a little slot next to your headphone jack on the top of the phone, just use your fingernail to pop the back of and then there is a slot on the battery you can pop it out with
I brought this battery for my wife. She loves it. She is not a heavy user but she easily get almost 3full days of batter life out of the extended battery. It ads some thickness but she likes it because it adds some weigh to the phone. It is easy to install. I'm not sure if Verizon willow install it for you.
thank you both for your input =) i'll definately order this battery, i would have never figured out how to get the back off without the help >< thanks again!