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Apr 29, 2024
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hi all,

if this post should be in another section, please move it accordingly.

I have been using secure folder with apps a long time and it worked fine.
Recently , while I was using the browser , the phone suddenly hung for some time and restarted.
After restarting the secure folder did not recognize the lock pattern anymore.
Then i restarted it again and when I clicked on secure folder it opened it and it was empty!
No apps or data available.

I read online that others have reverted some last update which might have caused it , but I did not install any recently. If something has been installed in the background I do not know or how to check.
I tried to search for recovery apps, but all of them seem to recover files, not restore secure folder with the apps .

Android Version 11
Samsung Galaxy A40.

If there is a solution to recover the previous state of the secure folder app I would be very thankful.