SD card problems after update - camera pics & playlists gone


Nov 9, 2010
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Hey all,

So, Ive had the Galaxy Note 2 for a year now, working smoothly. Last night I was taking some pictures and the screen locked up (only the power button worked), became very slow and sluggish, so I rebooted the phone.
When everything finished loading, it auto-installed a number of app updates (dont remember which ones and most are set to auto-update).

Today, I noticed my entire camera folder on the SD card was gone from the gallery and all of my playlists were wiped out - "0" songs listed in all. My internal storage camera folder in the gallery was unaffected, however.

Exploring the card on my computer, I see the DCIM folder, but the camera folder is empty and renamed.
Looking in my music folder, most are ok but some folders are empty and renamed.
Heres an image of what the renaming looks like. They kind of look like temp folders.
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The proper naming should be nearby, Skating, Slowmo and spycam.

First two culprits that came to mind were maleware or a defective SD card.
Im using the free AVG AntiVirus app, which seems to have been working well thus far. The card is a 32GB class 10 SanDisk Ultra and seems to be acting properly; it can read/write.

There is a LOST.DIR folder that is 8.5GB with numerically named files, no extensions. Not sure I remember it being there before or being that large.

Any ideas what happened and if there's a way to fix or avoid this happening in the future?


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Dec 13, 2011
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I would first check the sd card on a computer or other reader to see if it's the issue ..good luck and keep us posted ..

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