screen wont display...


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Nov 29, 2009
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my screen will not display ANYTHING. completly black. the phone is on and is working fine afaik because i have gotten a few text and phone calls but i cant see anything.

my question here is i got it rooted to 2.2 and i cant get it to go into bootloader for whatever reason so i could flash it back to stock.

am i supposed to bring the phone in and hope they replace it since they prolly arent smart enough to see if it was rooted or do i just tell them i lost it and pay the 80 bucks for a replacement?
any luck

Hi there,

Just wondering what you ended up doing with this? Mine just did the same thing.

I was in camera mode, switched from still to video and apparently i hit Record too fast for it or something and it just froze up. I got a message saying the Video wasnt responding and i hit Force Close. The screen then skewed and went black and is still black.

My green notification light is still blinking so it must still be on, but nothing is displaying. I have tried holding down the power button, but I'm guessing that isnt going to help much since that usually brings up a Power Off verification on the display, which I can't see to verify.

Yay, I got it!

Took me a few minutes to figure out how to get my case off and the battery out, but once I got it and removed it for awhile, put it back in, held power and it came back on. Whew!!! Time to quick move all my pics to the sD card! :)