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Oct 9, 2010
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Hello, I just upgraded from a droid one to the X. So far I really like the X. The one thing I am not liking is the darn antiglare screen protector. It makes the display look grainy and cheap.

What is a good clear screen protector and from where can I get it? Verizon no longer offers the non antiglare protector. Thanks...
Steinhill crystal clear is good but pricey...I have one on now that came free with a silicone case and it works great, so the less expensive ones work too. I found that when applying it is easier to do by lining up the edges along the longer side...if you star at the bottom it seems to end up crooked and when you peel it off you get static that causes it to attract dust particles and then it gets very frustrating .
Thank You! After posting this I found another thread with a similar question. Sorry! I am just getting started on these forums.
BTW how does this compare to the Zagg protector?
I have steinhall matte anti fingerprint. I would suggest that one more. No fingerprints, and your finger slides around the screen no problem.

I haven't seen the zagg protector, but I have no complaints with my matte steinhall. In my mind there's no better screen protector lol.
I tried the zagg and thought it was a bit tacky and gummy in appearance and feel, making it a bit more difficult to swipe unlock or swype text. Just my opinion tho...some others seem to like and it offers full body protection for those using docks etc.
I liked the BoxWave Crystal on my TP2...haven't tried it on the X yet. Plus I think it covers the entire screen vs. only the viewable portion.
I think I'm going to give Zagg a try since it's the only one I can get today in our local area. I can't stand looking at the anti-glare anymore. I will let you guys know how I like it. Thanks for your help!!
Just got the zagg and payed the 2.99 to get it installed. So much better than the anti-glare one. Plus it comes with life time warranty.
Steinhall Crystal are the best IMHO (Zagg sucks, I threw away the zagg within two days)

The Steinhall is like having a bare screen.

Just like everything else it comes down to personal preference. I have read in other threads where they like the anti-glare. I like the zagg. After getting it I realized its the same protector I have on my IPAD. I actually really like it.
I use a Skinomi. I only got the glass portion (10.50) shipped...but they have an entire phone system that covers all pieces for 20. The skin has a lifetime warranty...just keep the original box and if it ever does scratch, peel it off and send it back. They send you a replacement. I also gear gorilla glass (?) Is supposed to be good. I love the skinomi though...easy to apply. Not a scratch.