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Oct 23, 2010
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Why do you use or don't use a screen protector on your Droid X?
I realize many say they aren't necessary and they may be right for their application. However, I gave my daughter an Ipod touch when she was 13 and put a screen protector on it right away. The difference between her screen and her friends without protection is like night and day. Granted not everyone bangs their stuff around but it's nice to be "covered" just in case.
I put one on. Can't hurt. If I decide to unload my X on Ebay I can advertise the glass as absolutely pristine. That is piece of mind I like.

I bought a set of three off Amazon for a buck I think. Works great!

So tell me Future Boy, who's President of The United States in 1985?
I don't use one. The glass is sturdy enough that I can trust it won't shatter under normal circumstances (a screen protector wouldn't do much to help that anyway) and I have zero scratches on my screen. I used to be a big fan of screen protectors but I see no point in having them on the X.
I got one because I'm a klutz. I use the Steinheil Ultra Crystal, and it's indistinguishable from the plain glass.
I work in construction and it is a necessity. I bought the one from the Verizon store when I bought my D2.

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