Screen Physically is not Flush/Smooth


Jan 11, 2010
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I think this is technical, it's more hardware...

I have no ill effect on performance, everything still works fine.

I've just noticed that the screen is no longer perfectly flat. While it is flush with the plastic case in the top left corner, it's sunk down in the bottom right by a small fraction. Less than the thickness of my fingernail. Small, but noticeable.

Anyone else have this? Is it normal? Could it cause a problem? Or is it some normal thing that I shouldn't worry about?
Did you drop your phone recently? That might have caused the problem.
Mine has never been completely flush, I've always thought that was how it was designed, so when it's face down, it won't scratch.
Kinda annoying though, when I pull it out of my pocket one of my cards is usually stuck in it.
Did you drop your phone recently? That might have caused the problem.

If I've ever dropped it, it's always been into my lap or on something cushiony. I've been pretty protective over the phone.

I may not have noticed this right away because I bought a case/holster combo with the phone (that I'm sure has nothing to do with the cause of this issue) and only recently did I stop using the bulky case and opt for the sleek phone alone.
Been thru 3 droids now. Last one had a ridge all the way around. This one is sunk slightly at the bottom. Will this get worse. Never been dropped
I've dropped mine on concrete, and I think the fact that it's about 1/10th of a millimeter set in around the edge keeps it from getting damaged, if it doesn't hurt the performance of the phone I don't think it's anything to fuss about, like I said earlier, I thought it was meant to not be flush so that the edge protects it from if it's slid around or falls on it's face.
Since my last post the top has remained flush, while the bottom is not. The side where the "back" button is the deepest. That's also where the zoom clicker is... this is by far the most "pressed" region on the screen.
So I've lightened my tap and hope it doesn't get worse.
On another note, is there any way to un assemble the phone and tighten it?
yeah, i know it could void the warranry, but that's why i have insurance...
just a hair below on mine....but even