Samsung's Pink Galaxy Note

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Oct 29, 2009
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Some of our female readers will be thrilled to learn that Samsung is planning to release the Galaxy Note in Pink. The pic above was taken at CeBit Expo in Germany and it is nothing more than a dummy unit. The Pink Lady will be launching in Germany sometime in the next couple of months with no mention of a US release. The hardware remains unchanged and it's business as usual for this handset.

We do wonder if this phone has a market with females because of it's sheer size. Perhaps this is Samsung's way of trying to corner that market, we don't know. Ladies, we'd love to hear your opinions on this "new" version.

Via: Sammy Hub
pic courtesy of Endgadget
I'd like to see a plastic film that can be snapped in place so you can put any color you want there. I want orange!
I really want this phone but not in that pink color as I don't like it at all. Yuck :tongue-b:
I love how when I read sites such as Engadget people in Europe have had these phones for several months and are already looking to upgrade, yet we have yet to even see it on VZW.