Samsung Galaxy S5 Might Not Come with Metal Case & Might Come with 16MP Camera


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Dec 30, 2010
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Austin, TX

We have a couple of Samsung Galaxy S5 rumors to share with you guys this morning. One is disappointing news, and the other is exciting news. First the bad news: new insider sources are suggesting the SGS5 will not come with a metal casing as was previously rumored. Instead, it appears that Samsung will be using the faux-leather plastic casing they have made popular with their new Galaxy Note 3 device. Apparently, the metal casing will be saved for their new premium product, the Galaxy F. This new report basically refutes and confirms parts of a previous rumor we reported, here.

The other new tidbit to share on the SGS5 front is that it is likely to be coming with a 16MP camera sensor. This new camera module could be manufactured by Sony or by Samsung’s own System LSI division. Lately Samsung has made great strides in their camera R&D, so they may be looking to leverage some of their own new technology.

What do you guys think if the next Galaxy S device comes with the leather-style wrapped casing this time around?

Source: AndroidAuthority


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Apr 7, 2012
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I'm going to put a case on mine so it won't matter to me if it's real leather, faux leather, or shark skin. But my wife's gonna dig the Note 3 because it won't get a case.