Samsung Galaxy S2 - To good to be true!?!?


Jan 2, 2011
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Perth, Western Australia
Hi androiders!

In regards to my brand new Samsung Galaxy S2 - which i got three days ago. It's been an absolute dream, so fast, sleek, smooth. But i've been hearing horror stories lately about people's Samsung Galaxy S's, and how they were fast for a week, then became lag/freezing monsters after that. Since i have seen it happen to my previous phones, do you think it'll be the same situation for my S2? I spent a good sum of money buying it outright, and i really want it to last me a good year, and not get all laggy and freezy like the other phones.

So, has anyone got an S2 out there that has had issues with it already? Have they noticed slowing down already? Any ways to prevent this from happening, or to treat it if it does? I need to know ASAP, so i can re-sell it. I'm not wasting $900 AUD for a phone that's amazing for one week, and turns into a terror!

Thanks all!


Why are you LOOKING for bad reports? That's gonna hit your confirmation bias in a big way. You'll say "aha, it happened to this one random person on DF and now it'll happen to me!!" causing anxiety. When something goes wrong (and it's Android, you know it will) you'll think "I knew it". Just enjoy this phone as it is, and if problems develop - fix them!

Sorry for getting all zen :)