samsung fascinate won't text numbers with prefix


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Oct 25, 2010
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I am really hopeful that some of the bright minds here may be able to help with my dilemma.

I recently got a fascinate and the phone has been outstanding. However there is an issue when i send a text message to any number with a +1 in front of it.

So seeing that it would not send to any number with this prefix I went into my gmail and edited all my numbers and deleted the one in front of any number that had this prefix.

However now when I start a thread the initial text message will go through and at the top of the the thread the number appears as it is saved in my contacts.

Ex: 954-***-***

However if I exit that thread and reopen it the number appears as


and will not send any further messages!

I can still receive all incoming messages just can't send them unless I delete the thread and begin a new one.

This is an issue my girlfriend also has on her fascinate and is becoming extremely frustrating.

I have searched high and low. and have yet to see anyone post anything with a similar issue. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
i think this is one of the known problems it has. they are will fixed sometimes.... not sure when.