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Oct 14, 2010
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I use Advanced Task Killer for my DX. However, after I kill apps with the widget, most of them seem to load again within several seconds. How would I go about setting what programs and services auto load? I feel that I have some apps that load by themselves that really don't need to. (Sports Tap, Ebay, etc...)

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Feb 23, 2011
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Most task managers have the option to "always kill" or something like that, which you can use.

However, every single person on this board is going to tell you to uninstall your task manager / app killer, because it causes more problems than it solves, including degraded performance (over time) and less battery life, as the OS will be restarting the apps because they have running services in the background.

The only real, solid answer to do what you want -- that is, for the apps not to run -- is for you to uninstall them. If they're running it's because of the way they're designed, and the way Android is designed -- Android system developers actually advocate against the inclusion of a 'close' or 'quit' button, because the Android system is supposed to allow these processes to continue to run and then naturally die or be killed by the OS, not by a task manager.

Another suggestion would be to get an app like AutoKiller Memory Optimizer -- that doesn't actually kill apps (though the app has the ability to do so), but instead tweaks the memory level at which it will kill apps natively.


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Sep 3, 2010
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Chalk me up as the first person to tell you to get rid of ATK. For the best reason to do so, just click the first linked article in my signature down below. If you`re not inclined to do so, then I will give you the "short and sweet" of what it includes:

Android Developers as well as Google Developers built Android to operate in a wholly different way than 98% of the average PC users in the free world are used to dealing with since they use Windows. Meaning, in a nutshell, just because the app is shown as "running", it may or may not actually be doing anything other than just siiting in a "ready" state to be used at a later date. In essence, it is being "pre-loaded" in order to speed boost time. While these apps are doing this, if anopther app is needed, the OS will "kick-out" an app that is just waiting in order to load and run the app that was requested.

By repeatedly "killing" these apps, all you are effectively doing is telling the OS to load up more apps so that the system remains at an optimal "launch status". Furthermore, the "battery saving" you are doing is being negated by firing up the app killer and then having the OS boot 11 more apps back are effectively doubling the battery drain.

In closing, let the OS do what it was designed to do, the way it was designed to do...if every App Maker was as smart as they thought they were as well as being as smart as they buyers thought...Google might actually hire them... To get a full understanding, please read the linked article below...:)