[Rumor] Leaked Pics Reveal UI for Samsung's Smartwatch; Codenamed Samsung Altius


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Dec 30, 2010
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Previously we shared intel that Samsung may be developing their own Smartwatch. New rumors seem to confirm the primary concept of a Samsung smartwatch, but contradict some of the previously shared details. In our previous story, the rumint suggested that Project J from Samsung would be a series of three devices, based upon some accessories for devices with those names. One of the devices was a smartwatch with the codename Project J Active Fortius. Today's rumor is supposedly some leaked screenshots of the UI for a Samsung smartwatch, but this device is actually named the Samsung Altius, which was the name given to the SGS4 in the previous leak.


This isn't the only discrepancy that is found in this supposed leak, however. Two other incongruities call this info into doubt. One is that the UI arrangement doesn't really match Samsung's typical developer guidelines. The other is that Samsung has never used a mirror effect for their logos directly on their products. Taking all of this into account suggests the images are fakes. Of course, that doesn't mean that Samsung isn't building a smartwatch. Obviously, if any of this is true, some of the facts have simply been improperly arranged.

Regardless, assuming these leaks are legit, the question remains, "Is a smartwatch a market that consumers are interested in?" What do you guys think? Would you want a smartwatch? And, if so, would you want it to supplement, or to replace your existing smartphone?

Source: BGR