Rooting, Custom Roms, I love it here!


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Feb 8, 2010
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Hi! I thought I would introduce myself since im new to the site. If anyone has some useful tips on ANYTHING dealing with the Moto Droid, let me know!

I would also like to thank all the devs here that keep this site one of my favs! Everything they create is the reason im here! So thanks again!

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Moto Droid
Smoked Glass v4.1 Blue
O.C. 1.0Ghz (1.1Ghz kept force restarting)
WiFi Tether v2.0 (Eclair)
Welcome aboard and you'll find most us share your enthusiasm for this site. It is the most useful and friendly place I've been. You get questions answer quick and very little of the "DID YOU SEARCH" sort of replies.

My tips: Take your screen brightness off automatic and then put it at the lowest level you find acceptable in order to conserve your battery. Get Screebl and it will determine via orientation when you are using your phone and it will keep the screen on during those periods. They you can set your screen to dark in 15 seconds.

Again, welcome and have fun.
thanks for the advice! the people on the forums here seem extremely helpful. the only reason im running smoked glass is because of thel terrific walkthroughs and extremely helpful comments. if I ever have I question about anything, its usually already been answered lol.

it really does excite me to be apart of such a creative and helpful forum!