Rooting and firmware!


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Jun 13, 2010
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Ok, So i got the phone(moto droid) brand new off of someone on craigslist the other day for 200$ so I don't know much about the phone. My brother told me I could root it so I have been looking into it, and On youtube someone did a vid on how to root, and he had firmware 2.0.1 and I looked at mine and I have 2.1 already. Is that the newest? Can I root my phone and still get a different rom and make it as fast as my brothers incredible?


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Apr 9, 2010
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Check this guide:

I'm not recommending this, but it is also an option:

Read up on stuff in the hacks section and look for kernels u wanna try out. Live in the Custom ROMs and Android ROMs sections. Live in the Droid Hacking section.

The newest is 2.2, but its not officially out yet. Its in beta right now. I recommend playing with rooted 2.1 for awhile before trying 2.2. To me (and most ppl that tried it) 2.2 is faster than 2.1, but its beta. The decision is yours. Thats why I say play with rooted 2.1 first. U wont know what to compare 2.2 to.

If u do decide to go with 2.2 after rooting 2.1, its real simple to install. U basically just download it, put it on the sd card, and install it.

Get Launcher Pro Beta or ADW for fast home screen scrolling.

Get SetCPU to overclock the overclock kernels.