"Root scared"? Wanna tether?


Jan 25, 2010
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Ladies and gentlemen. I spoke to a Verizon rep that I am unfortunately still domestically attached (married) to. We spoke of tethering and rooting and I learned a couple of interesting things.
1 - Verizon recently shifted their customer service and sales staffing categories such that everyone now is in sales. What does this mean? Well, say you want to root your phone. But you're afraid that you will void your warranty or something. Based on what she told me, since everyone is in sales now, the focus for everyone in a Verizon store will be to sell phones. She told me that people coming in with service related issues are dealt with as quickly as possible. In other words, they have no time to see if your phone is rooted. They want to get your broken phone replaced and get you out the door so they can get to the customers who are there for sales related items.

2 - She told me that there is an app called PDNet that you can install on your Droid and your desktop (Mac or PC) that allows for tethering. It uses your phones data port. Verizon knows about it and has blocked it from some Incredibles, but it works on the Droid, and its free, and it allows you to tether without rooting.