Root Has Been Achieved On The Nexus Player!


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Oct 6, 2011
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CF-Root by Chainfire has been released for the Nexus Player. The Nexus Player is the new $99 media box from Google. This device is made to bring apps, media, and gaming from the Android platform to your big screen. With root you should be able to modify your device and have even more access for more media. You will be able to install alternative launchers and this should pave the way to really open up your device. Head to the link below for the download.

HAHA! YES! And of course, I will be trying this on my new Nexus Player when it arrives! :D (has evil grin) :D
Have not found a justifiable reason to buy this over the Chromecast yet. With the Chromecast I am pulling from Google's (hulu, netflix, etc) cloud so the amount of space I have is basically unlimited. Where the nexus player on board storage space is eh at best. I am sure root will bring the ability to read from external hard drives but I am going to have to wait and see what the developer community can do with this device. With that said I am going to continue to keep up with the news on this device.

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You can still pull from those same servers, you've just got more options open than the chrome cast.

I'm definitely interested in this device.
Yup, this just seems like it has more possibilities, granted it also costs a whole lot more.

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Look into Matchstick. A lot more advantages and cheaper as well. I have 2 on order.
I am sure root will bring the ability to read from external hard drives

My Nexus Player isn't rooted & can read from a 32gb thumb drive. Which makes side loading apps easy. But they can also be side loaded through the Play Store's website (not through the app).

I'll add this, if you have a Chromecast I wouldn't worry about getting the Nexus Player. Unless it was going to be used in another room. Because side by side my Chromecast seems to play videos better with less buffering