Root FRG01B? W/O Comp?


Jan 26, 2010
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Hey, ive never had root. i manually updated to FRG01B about a week ago and im experiencing alot of the bugs everyones been talking about. I wanna go to the FRG22 build, but i cant find a working non root version... so i started thinking about giving in to rooting for some FRG22 goodness, among other benefits that comes with root. But the only comp i have is an antiquated Windows 95 laptop that loves to blue screen of death just cause. Is there any option for me? Idk if theres still an off market 1 click root app sdk, but if there is, is there one for FRG01B? If not, but the 2.1 version's still around, how can i downgrade to 2.1 again to do this? Is it possible? Ive been searching for hours but im just getting more and more confused... so any help is appreciated, thanks