Rockplayer Metamorph?


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May 17, 2010
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Hey guys,
I had an idea of how to get rid of that annoying "R" logo from Rockplayer at the topleft corner of the screen. I know you can buy the full application, but I will only buy it from the Android Market and not wire money to some unknown developer's site. And I will not pirate it. Those are simply workarounds ;)

But, my idea was to use Metamorph to change the "R" icon to an empty/invisible PNG. I've been trying this, though, with a few errors.
- If I use Metamorph to do this while the application is stored in /data/app, the signature checking hides the application. Stericson mentioned this will happen with all apps you morph that are in /data/app because Metamorph signs with the dev key.
- If I use Metamorph to do this while the application is in /system/app, I get a Force Close notice when I attempt to open a video file inside the app. However the app itself shows up and launches fine.

I never got Metamorph to work with morphs I tried to make for AudioManager, but I've seen tons of success stories of people making morphs for it. I believe this app could have the same success.

Anyone have any suggestions of how to get this working, then?
Also, people who have made successful AudioManager morphs: How did YOU do that? Could you provide instructions?