Ringtone help please!okay, let me ask another question. how exactly do I get the ring


Jul 5, 2010
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North Carolina
how exactly do I get the ringtones from itunes to my phone. I opened the computer icon and then just dragged and dropped the ringtone files to the media folder on the droid drive shown. when I edit a contact and select "ringtone" those transferred ringtones aren't available to view. Do they have to be in a different format? They're in m4r format. I used iRinger for all of these. Does this make any sense?
I am also sort of having similar issues w/ringtones

I have been also having some issues with ringtones (And because I Have no clue how to start a new thread/post I am posting here). I download some ringtones from ringtone apps and they are available for choosing one minute, and then when I go to set the tones as an alarm or notification sound, they are not in the library, how do I make this possible so that the ringtones I download from a "ringtone" application allows me to set it as a notification sound or alarm sound? Any help is appreciated greatly! Oh, I also have the Motorola Droid with the sliding qwerty keyboard (still trying to figure out which droid that is lol)