Ringer Volume help please...


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Nov 10, 2009
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my ringer volume all of a sudden is much quieter and actually the ringtone seems to be coming out of the ear speaker (where the sound come out during a call) not the back where the speaker is for videos, ringer etc. any clues guys?:dry:
has happened to me twice.

Power off and on... fixes it.
As did a battery pull.
Not sure of the cause though. Maybe a reaction to low battery?
I yanked he battery and it fixed it. asked verizon and they hadnt heard of it doing that. Battery is 90% so its not that... it must have just had a hiccup
mine has done the same thing twice. Seems to happen after having headphones plugged in.
Have never had headphones plugged into it... I'm stumped
mine does it after taking out the headphones

i just had this happen to me today after listening to music on pandora using a headset plugged in.

took the headset out and now the ringer volume sounds very faint but the ringer volume monitor is at the normal spot.

after removing the battery for a few seconds and replacing seemed to fix the problem.
Happened to me once so far as well. Not sure what caused it, power off/on fixed it though.
same thing happened to me once and once only. cold boot fixed it. Must be some Factory Flash issue.
Same issue happened to me, and a friend who was driving home with the unit just purchased, never used headphones either. A cold boot resolved the issue.
Are they sure it isn't running M$ Windows back there?
Volume Issues X 2

I had it happen to me twice now. The first time I had just unpluged it from my computer after adding songs to my SD Card, and the second time I had just removed it from the Multimedia Dock.

The first time I had to restore the settings on the phone, and the second time I was able to do a reboot and it worked.
Same thing just happened to me after loaded an mp3 onto the sd card and set it as a ringtone- battery was almost full, and I haven't plugged headphones into this thing yet. A restart fixed it, thanks for the tip!
Listened with headphones today and then the all the sounds were low after that.
This has to be a bug.
Rebooted and everything was back to normal.
Just another software defect

It happened to me, also. Couldn't hear ringer for incoming calls, even though Droid was sitting on my desk. Probably just another bug in the system that needs to be fixed with a software upgrade--there are many of them. Missed two important phone calls, but it did go to voice mailbox.