Ringdroid Sorry if this is a repeat... :D



Ok Ringrdroid is an epic App... It lets you copy a bit of a song file you have on your droid and you can then use that clip as a ringtone. It lets you copy the part of a song right on your droid. If you have a song and want a apart of it as your ringtone instead of the whole song, this app is perfect. No more buying expensive ass ringtones. I can deal with paying 99 cents for a song that will last forever and can be copied over and over... but 1.99 for a ringtone that i can essentially only use for one phone... This app puts a bit of a damper on verizon's tyranny. It saves a lot of time by being on the phone itself because now you don't have to edit the track on a PC first and then copy to your phone. w00t!!! And here comes the clencher... the App is free.. I actually like this app so much that i am going to donate to the creator(s).
Just downloaded ringdroid, launched it, cut a song down 2 a ringtone, assigned to a contact all in about one minute. 10+ app. Thx.....
getting songs onto ringdroid

I've done it before, but now cannot figure out how to get a song onto ringdroid to edit it. The song is on the SD card, but I can't figure out how to move it. I have Astro that I use to manage this stuff.
I've done this before, but am flummoxed right now.