Reverting back from 2.2 to 2.1 if you were rooted AND S-OFF


Sep 1, 2010
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San Diego, CA
Okay, I've read a ton of posts about how to do this and it took me combining the instructions from a few posts to get it to work for me.

First, a few particulars on the state of my phone before upgrading to 2.2:
Rooted HTC DROID Incredible (HW v2)
Eclair 2.1
ClockworkMod Recovery v2.5.0.5
Rom Manager

Then, the state of my phone after the 2.2 upgrade:
Rooted HTC DROID Incredible (HW v2)
ClockworkMod Recovery v2.5.0.5
Froyo (2.2) Manual Update

So now my phone had the problem of the internal speaker not working. Regardless, this is how I got the phone back to 2.1 with the original 1.x radio:

1. Backup sdcard

2. Reformat sdcard USING A PC to format Fat32 - NOTE * THE MAC FORMAT UTILITY WOULD NOT FORMAT IT CORRECTLY FOR THE DOWNGRADE TO WORK! I am a Mac guy and had zero success until this step. I could get the system to downgrade to 2.1, but I couldn't get down the freaking 1.x radio until this. Once I formatted correctly, it finally came to the step where it asked to press the volume-up key to "upgrade" (downgrade really).

3. Make sure there isn't an in the root of your sdcard

4. Follow the instructions here

This put me at this state with EVERYTHING working fine:
HTC DROID Incredible (HW v2)
Eclair 2.1

It seems the key here was the formatting of the sdcard WITH A PC! I am going to try to keep track of other successes as I feel the frustration of people trying to revert. I can't tell you how many different methods I tried, but you've probably been up against it with this also.

I am going to stay at this state until I find out the upgrade issue with the radio is resolved, or I get a a replacement phone.

I am going to post this in a couple of different forums with the hope it saves at least a couple of people the heartache I endured.

Good luck!

(BTW, big shout-out to Vorpals on this forum, and Berzerker7 on for posting and steering me in the right direction