Restore original Droid X photo and music widget? Not available in Motorola widgets!


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Aug 30, 2011
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I've seen this asked before, but I've not found an answer that works. I'm now on Gingerbread. I added a widget to my media homepage, which the phone handled by moving my music widget to the screen to the right. I didn't want it on that screen, but on the original screen, that had acres of room. In attempting to drag it back, it disappeared. I fiddled with the photo widget, dragging to the side, and it disappeared as well. I dragged nowhere near a trash can. If I long-touch an open area of my media homepage, I get a menu including Motorola widgets (including Picture Frame and Picture Frame Plus, neither one similar to the lost original), Android widgets (including Music, again, nothing like the original) Shortcuts, Folders, and Wallpapers. Nothing at all available that is anything like the originals. How can I get the original widgets back - especially the useful three-part music widget?
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