Restarting itself??


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Aug 2, 2010
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I just got my new DroidX phone friday. I've noticed that from time to time it'll just restart itself, but it's not a full restart. Normally when you first turn on the phone it'll go to the motorola symbol then the little red droid eye symbol thing. When it resets itself it goes right to the red droid eye and goes back on. Now I haven't had a chance to really install too many applications. I figured this might be the problem, but the only apps I installed were the app, google maps, aim, and facebook. Oh and the advanced task killer free was installed on my phone at the verizon store when I had it activated. Has anyone else experienced this problem?
Yes - and I'm on my way to Verizon right now to get the phone replaced because of this, & some other issues as well.

How are you doing with battery life by the way?...
Well it's pretty awful to be honest, but it's for all intensive purposes a mini computer so i don't expect it to last a very long time. Let me know what they say at verizon. I get the dwelt it has somethig to do with an abundance of apps running and not being shut down by task killer fast enough
Twice a day

My droid x restarts itself just about daily and an average of twice, if not more a day. What did they say about it at the verizon store? I assume it's abnormal.