Report: Fujitsu develops its first Android phone


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Report: Fujitsu develops its first Android phone

by Serkan Toto on July 9, 2010

And we have yet another cell phone maker joining the Android bandwagon. Various Japanese media, for example Sankei Digital [JP], are reporting that Fujitsu is currently working on an Android-based smartphone.

Details are scarce at this point, but Fujitsu is planning to market the device to the 55 million mobile subscribers NTT Doccomo has first (Docomo is Japan’s biggest cell phone carrier). It will be Fujitsu’s first Android phone and is expected to hit stores next year.

Currently, the company doesn’t have any smartphones in its line-up (even though it’s often hard to spot significant differences between so-called smartphones and the normal feature phones that are available here in Japan). Fujitsu is planning to bring the Android phone to markets outside Japan as well.

The company was in the news just last month, when it announced plans to merge cell phone operations with Toshiba as early as October this year.

The picture above shows one of the last “smartphones” Fujitsu manufactured, the FOMA F1100 that the company introduced back in 2007.