Replaced cracked digitizer now won't work.


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May 10, 2010
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I bought a new oem digitizer off ebay to replace cracked one. I took apart my eris and replaced the digitizer and it turns on but touchscreen won't work. Do I need to reboot it so it recognizes the new digitizer? Maybe a bad connection? I took it apart several times and rechecked all connections but still no go. Anybody else out there replace a broken digitizer and not have any problems? Thanks in advance.
I got one off ebay for 23.50. It says Verizon on it and looks 'almost' the same. A friend helped me install it today (well he did it and I watched :)) everything works except for the numbers 789 on the phone and some of the keys on the keyboard.

We're gonna try it again with another digitizer to see if I got what I paid for.
another cheap and fake digitizer from ebay,their price is indeed cheap but the quality is also cheap.