Repeat Notications Capability?


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Feb 15, 2010
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Is it possible to configure repeat notifications (every 5 or 10 mins) for missed calls or text messages on the Droid without running a 3rd party app?

I'm still using a Windows Mobile phone, and the one thing I really miss from my dumb phone days is the repeat notification. If I'm mowing, or jamming to music in the car and miss a call or text message, I never know about it until I look at my phone again. I tried using Phone Alarm on WM for a while but it just killed the battery too quickly, so I've been living without. I really want my next phone to be capable of this.

Thanks in advance!
Repeat notifications are hiding in the same place as calendar appointment snoozing... in WinOS. It is hard to believe that someone testing the Andriod OS did not miss this in the first 5 seconds of testing. I missed it in the first 5 seconds of ownership