removing motorola autoplay?


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Sep 10, 2010
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Not sure how best to describe this:

When I plug usb into the phone and PC, I see two different drives. One is this Motorola autoplay which is a CDFS, and the other is my SD card.

How do I nuke this Motorola autoplay stuff? It bugs me because I think it is preventing my car stereo (USB) from seeing my music on the SD card because the Motorola autoplay is coming up "first" and the car stereo mounts that and says "no audio files found".

If there is a workaround that is cool too.

BTW - I am gathering info on rooting and ROMs. So also seeking opinions on the best 2.2 Roms where I have control over how much Blur is present on the phone in general.


If you right click on the moto connect icon in task tray you can change it to do nothing instead of web page
I don't have motoplay/motoconnect installed. (Why would I want it?) So far I have opted out of running/installing it each time I connect USB.

What I want is drive F: to "go away" so that when I plug in USB, I just get the drive G. (see screenshot) Unless there's some good reason to have motoconnect/motoplay that makes it more valuable than being able to play from USB in my car.



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I was able to disable the motoconnect from coming up. Gotta put USB connection into debug mode.

Settings> Applications > Development > Enable USB Debugging
thanks! I will try that. (and may be one of the reasons we have to use debug mode for other stuff)
Hey I just happened to look in C:\Program Files\Motorola\MotoHelper and saw the uninstall.exe file in there. It appeared to work just a few seconds ago for me. I suspect it will try to come back. I know this doesn't help the origianl poster with his issue with the secret/hidden/retarded drive that comes up first (god that would piss me off to no end if that were happening to me) but it will at least allow some folks to uninstall this piece of **** that we didn't ask for from our computers.
Hi I appreciate the response, even when the thread is old.

Just to note though, the autoplay is being done by my car stereo (Pioneer USB deck) and not my PC. So I'd need to do any work on the droid X side, not on my PC. It's my car stereo that is getting confused and not seeing music. No biggie though, I am not putting much music on the droid anyway.

and fwiw I am on Darkslide 4.2 at the moment.