Remote desktop / RDP


Jul 20, 2010
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I would like to be able to take my Droid X (2.2) and remote into my home computer. At that point my home computer does have access to my work computer via VPN. This way if I am not near a computer I can get a page from a customer and fix problems real time v.s. having to drive an hour back home.

I don't have a laptop.

Thoughts? My phone is not 'rooted' and hope I don't have to do that to accomplish this.
I'm pretty sure there's a RealVNC Client for Android.
Yep there is a VNC client, and I use perfect
OK I have made a lot of progress. I have managed to RDP into my home pc with no problem. I starte IE8 there and VPN into work. No problem so far but when I get to the windows logon screen for work, it says I have the wrong password (i typed the pw in the userid field to make sure the mapping didnt get weird) and if I can get past that point I am home free.

Any idea why it keeps saying incorrect pw?