recommendations for Liberty GB 0.9 themes & functionality questions


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Jan 2, 2011
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Hi folks! I'm pretty experienced w/sbf'ing my Droid2, & I've played w/the Apex2 rc2 rom & have moved to Liberty GB 0.9., but I'm new to themeing....

From the Theme Chooser Themes app by JRummy16, I have installed one that I really like & is working nicely, the downloaded zipfile is named: LibertyX v.8-Dark but it is a v.8 theme & I'd like to know where I can find others that are good for LibGB .9 - just wanna be careful... & I would like to know where besides the themer app I can find themes for my D2... also, want to be able to contact the themer w/requests & ask for clarifications.

Also, I'd like to know which type of theme that v.8 Dark GingiComb is: H, M or L DPI & which interface which is best for the Droid2, just that I went too fast thru the installation process (I was nandroid backed up , so there was no real danger if the theme didn't work...)

I've noted that the Swype app is broken is it b/c of something w/the theme or w/this rom? Also, I can't update the youtube app thru the Market, it downloads, but install keeps failing & there is some msg about a bad signature....

Also, a question about how to change fm one theme to another theme, do I have to wipe data, cache or dalvik cache?

Thanks in advance for any help, seeker
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