reboot stuck on moto logo after rom install ..


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Dec 1, 2009
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just rooted last night. installed Rom Manager downloaded cyanogen 5.0.6
when it came to install I forgot to check “Backup Existing ROM” and “Wipe Data and Cache”. it rebooted to recovery install went fine. but is not stuck on the Motorola Logo on the boot up..

I can get into the recovery console but I have no backups so im not sure where to go from here.

trying a long batery pull now but anyone have any ideas?

EDIT Battery pull does not seem to be working going to let it sit on the logo screen for a while see if it will force boot itself.

please helps :( lol
You'll have to download a ROM, place it on your sdcard, boot into recovery, and install it. You can mount your sdcard to your computer from clockwork recovery.
Sorry sp00ki3, I forgot to ask you in your other thread if you can get into recovery by holding "x" on powerup. If you can, then wipe data and cache from th CWrecovery menu and reinstall the ROM you dl'd. You won't have a backup since you didn't make one, but you should still have the ROM on your sdcard.
Yes I can get into that screen

I will try what you said thank you.
Got it up and running Cyanogen

Thanks alot for the help guys :)