Really crAPPLE??? REALLY? This is just desperate.......

Clueless...They are absolutely Clueless....
The Article said:
Not only do we now know that the Android platform is a sinking ship, we also know that Verizon knows it, and perhaps most importantly, Apple now knows that Verizon knows it.

:rofl2: That was hilarious! That article is SO full of lies. Did OJ write that?
This article claims "eighty percent of them (android\verizon users) are so dissatisfied with the platform that they’re already plotting their escape"

WTF???? how does this article get these numbers?? What a complete Iphoney fanboi hack of reality! :cus:

I'm pissed and somebodies gotta pay!
Can you say biased?
I had to stop reading in fear of dropping my new droid x while laughing.
C'mon, their description is:
About Beatweek Magazine…

Beatweek is the publication for music, podcasting, iPhone, iPod, iPod, and social media lovers.

Believing them would be like watching Fox News for fair perspective of the Democrats.
I was searching for fine print that said it was phony news such as found no such typing.

Whats really aggravating is the fact that someone took time to write the article
Just called Verizon and told them if they got the iPhone they would be idiots. The person on the phone agreed and said they are killing it with thence"X". Just wait till the "2" comes out in a couple of weeks. That and there are about 100 based Android tablets hitting the market any day if not already. All proved at $250.00 or less, with features and benefits.

Sounds to me like Apple is freaking out. Did you all see the news today about the "jailbreaking" an iPhone. AT&T and Apple can't legally do anything about it anymore. FCC ruling states.

Droid does
They post these article because Apple pays them to "assure" the kids that their iphone is awesome and they shouldn't switch to Android. The numbers are all over the internet. Android phones are destroying iphone sales. Apple was cocky and underestimated the Android platform from the beginning so they scrambled for a backup plan.
That plan: Articles such as this. They know it, we know it, Verizon knows it and Apple knows everyone knows it. Let them dig themselves their own grave. I can't wait to see how much more childish they get.
I'd like to see a like to this supposed CNN report

It's real, but I can't find it at the moment. There was another beatweek article last week that referenced it too, with a link. The suspicious part was the survey and how it was conducted, or what was asked.
well, if the question was "do you plan on buying another Android phone at the moment?" I would answer NO as well. I love my Droid! Why replace it when it's the best device on the market right now?

if the question was "if a better Android device was released would you consider replacing your Droid?"

Well, as long as it's rootable and there is an active dev community for the device then yes.
This guy really is trying to reassure his beloved iPhail is still the best, when in actuality, it is the outdated piece of hardware.
Here is the CNN article.
Here is Beatweeks last article full of LOL.

Edit: Lol, he won't even allow comments, this guy is truly the epitome of an Apple fanboy. If anyone wants to see another Apple fanboy to get a good laugh out of, check out Macward66 on youtube.
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