Really are you kidding me!

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Jan 24, 2011
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Just wanted to touch on a subject that really gets me P.O'd. I dont know how many times ive looked thru these threads and see the same questions and the same ones answered over and over. PLease before you post a question and waste space on the threads, do a search or just google what you want to know. Its really not that hard, personally if i have a question i dont post it because usually its something i need to know right away, cuz you dont know how long its gonna take for someone to respond. Everything you need to know about rooting or SBF'ing is somewhere in the forums, do the work and look for it. Stop wasting peoples time. Sorry i just get irritated when i see people asking bout the same B.S. personally if you have to post every little problem , you probably shouldnt be rooting you phone. COMMON SENSE goes a long way.
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