Reading PDFs and where to put them?


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Aug 12, 2010
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Rocklin, CA
I have a few large books that are PDFs and I wanted to throw them on my X. They are mostly reference materials. So, I was wondering if there is a eBook type of app to read these and possibly highlight things, etc.? I have the PDF reader app, just curious if anyone had any other suggestions. Also, where do I move the files to on my phone when I transfer them from from computer? Thanks in advance!!

Don't know about an app, but I keep my PDFs in the Download folder, --->eBooks. Works pretty well for me
I have tried a lot of pdf "readers" on the droid X
(OfficeSuite, Quickoffice, PDFtoGO and Adobe Reader).

I find that the free Adobe Reader app works the best (especially with large pdf files).
It is the fastest in opening and flipping through pages plus (a huge plus) is it correctly re-sizes the pages so that text and pictures/graphics look correctly no matter what the resolution.
I read a lot of photoshop books/pdf's and I need the pictures contained in them to look correct so that I can follow the process being described/illustrated correctly.
The other apps did not show the resolution and colors correctly plus they would not switch between pages very fast and just made reading a bit of a pain.

As for where I keep them, I just made a folder called "Documents" on my sd card and just save all my documents (pdf, word, excel etc.) in there.

Hope this helps.

+1 Adobe Reader. Quick office I've never had success with.
Thanks for all the advice! Adobe Reader it is. Thanks again.

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