READ THIS if you *think* you have BRICKED your Droid


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Jan 4, 2010
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Sometimes we fudge up or attempt to many procedures on our Droid and it can backlash on us pretty quickly. But the truth is, it's pretty hard to *truly* brick your Droid.

In fact, the only way that anyone will most likely ever *brick* their precious Motorola Droid, is by NOT having SirPsycho's SPRecovery image previously flashed BEFORE they attempt to flash ROMs, use Metamorph, etc. etc.

I'm going to explain how one can save their Droid if they believe it has reached this point. This little guide is made assuming that you already have SPRecovery and a working ADB connection between your Droid and if you don't, and your Droid won't make it past the Motorola symbol or the red Droid eye, then you're most likely FUDGED:icon_ devil:

Most likely this can happen if you experiment with multiple ROMs, and particularly if you alternate between a 2.1 ROM and then back to a 2.0.1 ROM....this often spells out disaster if you don't do a couple simple steps...ALWAYS make sure you have a GOOD nandroid backup or 2 in your nandroid folder at ALL times....

It's simple.....if it will not boot up past the either of the 2 boot screens (the M or the bootanimation), or if it makes it to the lock screen and indefinitely freezes,

1) Pop out the battery
2) Put battery back in
3) Hold x and the power button and boot into recovery
4) Wipe data/factory reset
5) Wipe cache partition
6) Plug into the computer via USB
7) Open the command prompt on the computer
8) Type:

adb shell
format SYSTEM:

9) In SPRecovery, select backup/restore
10) Advanced nandroid restore
11) Choose backup (pick your GOOD backup)
12) Perform Restore
13) Reboot

And then it should reboot fine....this has worked for me the few times that I have unfortunately came close to rendering my Droid unresponsive :icon_eek:

If SPRecovery didn't exist this would not be possible so let's give SirPsycho a big thank you :)