Quick Rooting Questions


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Aug 4, 2010
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So I am pretty new to Android and am looking to root my Droid X.

Just a few quick questions:

1. If I root now will I not be able to get 2.2 when that comes out later? Will I just have to unroot? Would it be bad for me to get rid of the bloatware (eg the .604 update required that certain apps be present)?

2. I know that the Droid 1 is going to get 2.2 with root by updating to a different ROM than the one that is OTA. What about Droid X users? Would we just have to stay at 2.1 (with root) until someone figures out how to root the 2.2 OTA update?

2. If my phone begins having problems can I unroot in a way that Verizon can never tell that I had root in the first place? Would this only be possible if the phone is working "well enough" to go through the unroot process?

3. Any real reasons that you guys would know of NOT to root? I am mostly concerned with improving battery life and just getting the few cool apps that are made possible via root.
Bump. These are some good questions. A lot of us aren't super hacker types who like to jailbreak devices just for the thrill of doing it. For many users, we just want to have a phone that works a little better and don't want a massive programming-headache in the process. The concerns about what will happen when Verizon releases Froyo for the Droid X are particularly important.