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Apr 13, 2011
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I posted this under the Liberty Rom section too but this forum sees way more people so i copy pasted it here too so here it goes..

I realize this has probably been established a long time ago but just today i rooted my droid X and installed liberty 2.0 .... at any rate the only thing so far that i absolutely hate is the fact that it seems that the contacts part of this software went backwards. When i first had the original droid and you were trying to update a contact from facebook with a phone number it would pop up the message "facebook contact information is not editable on this device" so you would have to create a new contact and spell the name exactly how it was on facebook and then they would merge. With the Droid X out of the box this issue was fixed and you could now edit facebook contact information, and now that i have the liberty os and hae rooted it im back to the old ways. Not really a huge issue but i use my phone a ton and generate numbers daily that i already am friends with on facebook and it is pointless to make a new contact when i already have one. Can anybody help me with this problem without sending me to read through 40 pages of bs like on the other forums? Thanks in advance, im hoping it is just a setting that needs to be changed.