Question It seems like my Droid doesn't slide all the way shut anymore...?


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Apr 6, 2010
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It seems like my Droid doesn't slide all the way shut anymore...?

Okay, this is the strangest thing. I've had my Droid since November 6th 2009, and have had absolutely no problems with it; it's awesome.

However, just recently, I noticed something that seemed a bit irregular when the screen is slid all the way over the keyboard. It seems as though the screen doesn't slide as far as it used to, and stops maybe a half-centimeter short of centering itself over both sides of the keyboard surface edges underneath.

Now, the side of the screen near the camera button seems almost flush with the keyboard edge below it, and there's more of a space on the other side, to the point where it doesn't look completely closed.

I've tried to Google some pictures; but the difference is so minimal that I can't tell from the lighting on the pictures.

It's no huge deal; though it does make the phone a little awkward to hold, as it's nearly flush on one side, and relatively staggered on the other.

It DOES click shut firmly when slid, but it just seems to stop a slight bit prematurely.

Does your screen center completely with enough keyboard side exposure beneath each side of the screen, or is there a bit less surface space showing on the volume rocker side?

I ended up comparing my Droid with that of a friend's, and noticed his screen actually does center in the middle, but also noticed his screen was a lot less stable than mine (wobbled unevenly going up and down.) My model is a launch model, and his is from two months later, if that matters.

Anyway, I just wanted to see how other Droid users' screens were in comparison to mine. Thanks for your time!
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