Question...does any1 know/is a Striaght Talk user of BYOD CDMA Verizon Phones??


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May 15, 2012
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I know this site is usually Verizon based...I'm a current (but hopefully not for much longer) Verizon customer.

I've done a lot of reading about ST's BYOD (specifically CDMA's Verizon) but would like some input from some1 who's done/using ST as of 3/26/13 w/a CDMA phone from Verizon..

I am currently using a Droid X phone on Verizon (& want to jump to ST WITH my droid x for now)....(don't laugh @ my phone...I DON'T "need" latest/greatest...just a phone that works & has good internet) I use my internet a bit hovering around 2gb/mo. & will be in new england area for a time....Also I'm one of "those" w/Unlimited Verizon data plans & love not having to pay the "extra fee" for a data I'm a bit hesitant to jump to ST $45/mo for a few reasons:
1) how is ST coverage/service calls/txts/pic txts/internet
2) don't want to have "regrets" about leaving current plan to find out shouldn't have left it

Is any1 using ST w/the NEW byod (CDMA's Verizon) as of 3/26/13?? If so how's the service? I've heard CS is horrible to say the least. Can I use (if I were on ST w/above mentioned phone) anywhere in continential USA or not? Please I'd love to hear as much info as you may have to offer regarding this..I've not been able to find much info about BYOD users since 3/26/13 for CDMA phones from Verizon. Thanks in advance for your help!!