question about p3 kernals w/ .2.1


Jan 2, 2010
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So i remember everyone saying how running at 125mhz vs 250 that. if your at 125 that you will miss calls because its too low with this rom

So i ran with chevys ulv since everyone mentioned pete placed a script that now wouldnt allow the phone to dip below 250.

Liked the kernal except i wanted cpu gonvernor options

So i switched to p3 lv

But they start at 125 and i noticed unlike before petes script did not over ride, so i have setcpu to be a min of 300 since im on the 800 kernal

Do i need to run a standard volt kernal for now?

Is there a battery difference between standard and low?

My battery still isnt as good as 1.1 but i love the improved speed and flash support.