Put ringtone on SD??


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Nov 18, 2009
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In what file do you save a ringtone on the SD? I tried to save it under downloads and cant locate it. I have the Ringtone saved on the pc and want to put it on SD. Thanks
I have this setup

you can set (almost) any song in your music collection as a ringtone.. there is an option for it when you are playing the song. is that what you mean?
No. I put the SD in the PC, and I have these folders, IMUSICDATA, AGILEFUSION, ALBUM THUMBS, AMAZONMP3, DATA, DCIM, DOWNLOAD, GOOGLE MAPS, IMUSIC, LOST.DIR, TMP. Where do I put the ringtone, or music and how do it retrive it from my phone?
I made a "ringtones" directory in the root of the SD card and the mp3 I put in there actually showed up in the ringtones menu in the sound settings.
Ok, got if figured out..... BUT, appearently droid doesn't play wav?