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Nov 7, 2009
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Dallas TX
I can't seem to set up my Gmail accounts to push. I had an iPhone and I know you can set up the Gmail to push by setting up an exchange account and putting the server as "m.google.com". I put in all of the settings and it accepts them. It even says "push" on the sync area. The problem is the account is blank. When I press on the account it doesn't show anything.

Any advise?
Your GMail account should push automatically if you set it up as a GMail account.

Are you sure that its not pushing email to you?
I have the Gmail account set up using the Gmail icon and no email is being pushed through. I have to hit the menu button when that account is open and press "refresh". I also set up the Gmail account with the regular email icon through exchange and nothing shows up in that folder at all.
If you send yourself an email and don't hit Menu > Refresh about how long does it take to get to your device?
I sent an email last night and as of this morning it still wasn't there! Then I hit the refresh button and boom it showed up. This is annoying
Go to Menu > Settings > Accounts & sync

Go to your default GMail account and make sure GMail is set to "Sync GMail"
Push Email Help

I am hoping someone can help me. I am trying to figure out if push email will be possible on the droid for my email accounts. I have a school email address and a hotmail address. I currently access my school email address in Windows Mail (program like Outlook) on a Desktop PC. Will push email for these accounts be possible on the droid? Or is the push email only possible if my emails are run through gmail?

Also, can someone else Exchange ActiveSync briefly, and whether it would apply here?

Thanks in advance for any assistance. I've searched the forums about this but couldn't figure out a clear answer based on what I read.

AHHHHHHHHHHHH I had turned off the syncing on the Gmail app because I didn't think the other push gmail would work in exchange. I just sent a test email and it worked! You rock rock rock!

Now I have to call Verizon because my caller ID isn't working. Actually even when people call me that are in my contacts the phone says "unknown caller"
I believe the only accounts that push are GMail.

IMAP accounts may simulate push, but are not exactly the same push as GMail.

What were you wondering about ActiveSync? I have Exchange setup on my device and the email gets pushed to my device as well right from my server.
No problem -- there are tons of options out there.

You start to think differently after you've had Android for a year.

Glad you got it working!
Holy crap I just got over 1400 emails and they are showing up as new emails. Any trick to mark them ALL as "read"?
Mark them all "as read" in GMail -- it should sync the status to your Droid.
I suppose my confusion is exactly what Exchange ActiveSync is. Would I be able to use it to push email on the droid with a school email address?

Also, when you say that IMAP account simulate push, can you explain what that means? Can it only be set to pull email at certain intervals, or will it constantly sync?

Overall....I'm just trying to find out if the droid can push email from a school email address, or if that is impossible. Thanks!!
Does gmail push to the email app with the combined inbox? It seems it only polls gmail in that app.