Proper procedure for swapping roms


Jul 19, 2011
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Columbus, Ohio
So it has been roughly a month since I have gotten my OG Droid and rooted/flashed it. Started out immediately jumping into CM nightlies but have gotten quite annoyed with lagginess lately so decided to try out Simply Stunning which seems to be a highly recommended OG rom. Booted into SPRecovery, did a factory reset and cache format a few times, rebooted again into SPR, flashed the SS update zip. Everything is surprisingly MUCH snappier than CM was, on top of which I have way more free internal storage and also ram. But I am having some random annoying, but not showstopping, bugs which is starting to bug (pun intended) me.

Now previously when I went from stock to CM I did one key thing different: After flashing SPR and doing a factory reset/cache wipe (just once) I didn't reboot and jumped right into the CM, google apps zip, and Chevy's ULV kernel zip. Then rebooted straight into the OS.

I'm largely curious in both of these scenarios if this is the proper procedure for loading a new rom as cleanly as possible. I've searched and really couldn't find a definitive answer on it.

Side note: I am also curious about having the SD card still holding stuff like apps moved over, different app data, etc.. after a new rom. Whether that would effect anything negatively or not. I don't really do anything exotic like run a swap/app2sd partition. Just a regular FAT32 part. over the whole card and holds the normal stuff. Reason I ask is upon loading SS I had some strange occurrences happen during the time the Market was auto-installing everything.



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Feb 10, 2010
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If you'd like a quick overview on the three recoveries and flashing/backup with them, check link 2 in my signature.