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Feb 13, 2010
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i've already searched Verizon, droid, Google,, and i'm more confused than ever. I need simplest set-up for email on Droid. For a month it worked great; set up Droid Email with 3 accounts;
1. Outlook Exchange active sync, including Calendar and contacts
2. Gmail (just created account for first time; new to me)
3. personal email from (Smartzone I think; i think i had Gmail import emails contact etc. from my personal email account. so i must have had 2 separate Gmail accounts on Droid; I'd get only Android messages only in one; and comcast messages in the other.
Worked fine for a month; then account #3 failed, message "" and Force Close. Verizon tech advised to delete then set up the account; which worked. but then account #1 failed, same error. So i set that one up again as well.
Then Gmail stopped importing the emails...maybe it only does it for 30 days?
Plus; press Email widget and 3 accounts are displayed. but press Settings widget, Accounts and Sync, and only 2 accounts are displayed.
Plus; I also set up the Droid Gmail to sync. so i get an Email alert, and also a Gmail alert (envelope icon) after syncing. So i'm getting Gmails through both Email and Gmail syncing (duplicate messages;)
and since Gmail isn't importing my comcast.,net messages any longer, i've set Outlook as email client for Comcast, which syncs with Gmail every 5 minutes. Also i set Gmail to fetch the messages push sync. So i'm getting probably 4 copies of each comcast email, on Droid.
any suggestions on best way to simplify? it's a mess. :icon_eek:

[just getting email notifications]